Education plays an immensely significant role in human development. Our Indian demographic profile with 550 million below the age of 25, approximately one-fourth of the global workforce by 2020, has the potential to change the future of not only this Country but of the whole world. This national asset can be exploited and encased only through focused agenda of education and skill development. It is generally misconstrued that large population is an impediment for the progress and growth of the country. But India’s demographic profile of having large younger population will provide India an advantage of “Demographic Dividend” having large chunk of population in the age group that can contribute to the productivity and growth of the Country –“A YOUNG INDIA”, different from rest of the world. This advantage can only be converted into asset if we provide proper education and skills to our young people to explore their talent. Rajeev Gandhi Memorial Teacher’s Training College aims at education with unshakable strong base and foundation for the education of youth.

                                                                                                                                                                                               R.N. Chaubey