Our Vision:
To emerge as a centre of excellence in teacher education

Our Mission:

• To prepare committed teachers for schools for the state of Jharkhand and the country.

• To equip the teachers with meticulous relevance to the changing requirement of classroom as well as campus teaching.

• To offer an all effective training i.e. mental, physical, fitness/cultural, social, moral and spiritual enrichment.

• To develop among teachers a clear understanding of the Psychology of their students

• To develop in them the skills for guidance and counseling.

• To enable them to whetten creative thinking among pupils for the reconstruction of knowledge.

• To acquaint them with the factors and forces (within the school and outside) affecting educational system and classroom situation.

• To acquaint them with educational needs of special groups of pupils.

• To enable them to utilize community resources as educational impetus.

• To develop communication skills and to use the modern information technology.

• To enable them to undertake Action Research and use innovative practices; and to whetten in them a desire for life-long learning.

Our Social Endeavors :

“Community service is helping people, but also gaining an understanding about each other and a sense of human compassion”

                                                                                                                                                                                              - Cara Clure

In order to realize this aim Rajeev Gandhi Memorial Teacher’s Training College has designed and developed a model infusing connection and relationship with the community that develops community service and adds an invaluable layer to education. The institution has developed a network with the reputed institutions as well as Non Government Organizations engaged in social welfare activities.

Our objectives of conducting Community works are:

• To sensitive the trainee teachers towards difficulties faced by the underprivileged sections of community.
• To develop a sense of social responsibility among trainee teachers.
• To create awareness of needs and challenges of community and to promote participation, involvement and leadership qualities in carrying out community work.
• To develop essential qualities of responsible in future teachers.
• Orientation programme.
• Microteaching seminar.

Our students carry out these programmes in collaboration with these community centers and extend their resources as helping hand to these social organizations. Every year our 100 students approach these community centers in groups and offer their their services in carrying out community work.